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Channel 1 Creative Media is one of Australia's leading video production companies.

Specialising in Corporate Video Production, Channel 1 have been developing corporate videos, television commercials, web videos, company induction, information and training videos for some of Australia's leading organisations and government departments for over 20 years. Channel 1 have also been used for the post production of television shows such as Discover Downunder, What's Up Downunder, and Car Nuts.

Channel 1 are very well known in corporate Australia for their own suite of over 200 training videos and DVDs and now eLearning programs.

These include many Workplace Health and Safety, sales, customer service, and staff development training programs. These Australian made products have been purchased by many of the top private, public and government organisations and educational facilities in the country as well as corporations and educational facilities in Sth Africa, New Zealand and various parts of Asia.

A client recently summed up Channel 1 in 6 words .... "Great People! Great Energy! Great Product!"

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