Ever thought about producing your own corporate video?

Video is a fantastic medium for selling the message, as it the number one source of information for many people. There is no better way of communicating specific information, training staff, or telling the world about your products or services than through the use of video, whether it be via television, DVD or online.

It not only guarantees you continuity of message, but it is an extremely economical way to communicate to any type of audience, from those geographically spread around the world, to a singular self-paced learning session.

No scriptWhether your corporate video is instructional, educational, promotional or informative, planning and preparation are key components to any successful video production.

We would liken the importance of the script to the importance of a house foundation. Build on sand and you will end up with an inferior product.

A Corporate Video Production Script


1. The first thing to think about when preparing a script is to put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Write the script for them not yourself. You should keep in mind the audience will be taking in the information through a special filter called “what’s in it for me?” Your script needs to cater exactly for that question. At the end of the day, you’ll want your final product to engage and connect with the audience. This is where it starts.

2. Use shorter sentences – These are a lot easier for a presenter to read, an actor to remember and the audience to process.

3. Before finalising your script read it out load. The spoken word can vary greatly from the written work.

4. Remember that time is a precious commodity – so keep it brief. Be wary of a director who says they cannot make a 5-7 minute presentation work. Amazingly, there have been training videos of 1 minute duration produced recently for a major multi national organisation. These have been so effective that they have been translated into several languages for viewing throughout the world. And remember, the average duration of a television commercial is 30 seconds!

5. Avoid the temptation to use jargon or slang.

So there you have it. While there are a number of important steps to undertake in the video production process, preparing a good quality script will go a long way in allowing you to deliver your message in the most effective way possible.