As mentioned in a previous post, the most important component of any video or DVD production is the script.

As we said… “We would liken the importance of the script to the importance of a house foundation. Build on sand and you will end up with an inferior product.”

Once you are happy that the words “sell the story” to the target audience in a clear concise manner, the next step is to think about what pictures need to be captured to “tell the tale” visually…… A shot list.

While thinking about the shot list, you need to consider in the first instance the best way to “treat” the presentation, in other words, how the final product will look. To communicate to your target audience, will you need a short, sharp and edgy feel to arouse and motivate. Or perhaps, would your target audience prefer a slower, more conservative, balanced presentation. Or even somewhere in the middle!

A simple way to prepare the shot list is to divide list is to divide the script into two columns; one column being “We hear” and the other “We see”.

Video Production Shot List


Your prepared script is obviously placed in the ‘We Hear’ column while the required vision is placed under ‘We see’. You have to imagine in your minds eye, what shot will best depict that sentence appearing in the script, the sentence that is being spoken.

The list will become “your recipe” that can be followed on location when filming starts. Remember the finer the detail, the better prepared you will be.

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