What you get:

  • One day filming on location at your premises
  • A high impact and thought provoking introduction: Demonstrates the cost of poor manual handling to the workplace, and challenges the viewer to think about “why” safe manual handling is important
  • A surgeon talking to a patient before their spinal operation: A high impact scene highlighting the potential consequences of poor manual handling habits
  • A complete segment on physiology of the back: With the help of 3D images of the spine your staff will learn exactly why & how they can protect their back
  • Correct lifting techniques: Your staff will be shown how to & how not to lift
  • Risk assessment: Your workers will be shown techniques on how to recognise & control manual handling risks
  • Manual handling do’s & don’ts: A wrap up of the key points in the video
  • Comprehensive trainer support notes: Including discussion topics and assessment questions


Producing a 16 minute manual handling training video from scratch can cost anywhere in the vicinity of $18K to 30K! (naturally there are many factors that can contribute to the cost of a production).

With the offer above:

Your very own manual handling video for JUST $3995*

Supplied as a self-paced video eLearning version for LMS delivery $4995*

*Excludes GST and travel costs

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