With its cost-effective benefits, many organisations are still turning to video to communicate the message of OHS. Why? Well incorporating video into your safety training has several advantages, such as:

  1. A consistency of the message. Whether it is the induction of new staff, or conducting refresher training for existing employees, using video to deliver the message will ensure that every trainee receives exactly the same message, the same way.
  2. The ability of pictures to communicate a particular technique more effectively than the spoken word (eg manual handling lifting techniques).
  3. The ability of video to tap into people’s emotions. A video that has impact is more likely to be remembered.

Imagine the added benefit of a tailor made training video with your staff in your workplace. In a previous post (from our old format blog), I briefly wrote about these benefits (your staff can relate better etc) and how the production of such a video, featuring your employees and your workplace, doesn’t actually have to be a super expensive undertaking.

“Is this still the case?” I hear you ask…

Certainly! As I mentioned previously, why re-invent the wheel, when Channel 1 has already produced highly acclaimed training packages on various OHS subjects such as manual handling, workplace bullying, safety induction, and can quickly and simply adapt them so they look like your very own productions. Here’s a short video which briefly explains how. service cloud