A common challenge many of our clients face with staff inductions was highlighted by an interesting discussion I had recently with an old friend.

Knowing we specialised in workplace health and safety videos, this friend targeted me at a social function to complain about his company’s new employee and subcontractor induction process.

Boring Workplace Induction“It’s ridiculous! The amount of money we have spent over the years on our most efficient employees being dragged away from their workstation to induct new employees is crazy!”

“I sat in on one the other day, the person running the induction looked just like someone who had done it 100 times before and had simply had enough. All he did was talked his way through a PowerPoint presentation”

“He was monotone and the body language of the inductees was understandably horrible. I couldn’t help thinking what a waste of time, money and man power and how we had blown a perfect opportunity to make a great first impression”

However, since it was a social function, I asked this friend to email through his induction PowerPoint and that I might be able to throw a few ideas his way. I couldn’t believe what arrived in my inbox later that week … an 84 page PowerPoint presentation chock full of … words.

All pertinent, all accurate from a health and safety point of view, but if my friend was looking for an engaging, effective introduction to his workplace then this document was NOT going to give him that. I thought back to his earlier comments …

“The amount of money we have spent over the years” “Our most efficient employees being dragged away from their workstation” “The body language of the inductees was understandably horrible”

The Induction Video Solution


We had to come up with a solution that was cost effective, efficient in terms of ongoing manpower and most of all, engaging. In the world of communication… “Less is definitely more!”.

So first up, I had our writers at work shorten the written word without losing the integrity of the message, after all that is what we do.

Online Training VideoI knew budget was super low so I sent our friend a list of photos I wanted him or his people to take with their iPhones.

We took the new script, applied a voiceover, showed a picture where there was once words and created an engaging on line eLearning induction that delivers exactly the same induction every time.

Inductions new employees can complete at their own pace, inductions that subcontractors love because they can complete the induction off site and hit the road running on arrival… AND… and his staff love.

Because guess what? No more delivering 84 page inductions!