There are significant advantages of incorporating video into your staff training and inductions; such as a continuity of message, higher engagement, and the saving of both time and money.

Whether it’s for new employees when they start at a new job, or for existing staff as refresher training, video is a powerful medium for delivering a message which is instructional in nature.

But quite often companies need to weigh up whether they go down the track of producing their own training video or whether a generic off-the-shelf training video will suffice.

Each and every workplace will have specific requirements that need to be addressed with the induction of new employees and training of existing staff.

Workplace Training Videos – The Options

Generally there are 3 options available to an organisation, each with their own advantage:

1. Off-the-shelf training videos

Training video session Usually generic in nature, “off-the-shelf” training video titles can be shown in a classroom group training session or incorporated into an online training program, such as a self-paced, interactive e-learning program. The video content may complement or support other training material that the trainees are required to learn.

Whilst covering general information such as legislative requirements or usual risk control procedures for a particular workplace hazard, many programs are still targeted towards a particular industry or work environment.

Whether it’s offline or online, this can be an extremely cost-effective way of training new and existing staff with audiovisual content. However, the generic nature of the off-the-shelf variety may not suit every training requirement.

2. Custom produced staff induction video.

Video productionEngage a video production company to produce a completely tailored training video for your organisation. This would typically involve script work to your precise requirements, on-site filming and complete in-house editing.

Whether the video is produced for your employees, contractors or visitors, an experienced production team should work with you through each stage of the production process to ensure that your specific safety messages and other important information is communicated in the most effective way possible.

3. A combination of both.

Whilst the benefits of a tailor made training program where employees can see themselves at their workplace, going about their particular work, would be immeasurable, the price tag for this can sometimes be prohibitive.

Why re-invent the wheel. If you can source training video packages already produced on various workplace topics and get them adapted so that they look like your very own productions, then you can get the best of both worlds.

Here at Channel 1, many organisations have adapted our highly acclaimed training videos to suit their specific requirements. Many have also incorporated our modular style safety training toolbox video series with a customised introduction and conclusion, filmed at their workplace with their script. In doing this, they have ended up with an expensive induction program that looks like their very own but at a fraction of the price.

Further information on off-the-shelf videos, e-learning or video production can be found on our website.