Out of all the video production tips we provide, there tends to be quite a bit of discussion around this one.

A question often asked of us when consulting with companies who are looking at producing internal communications corporate videos is “do we shoot the boss or not?”

Our suggestion almost all of the time is “no, not if you can get away without it”.

There are a couple of good reasons for this:

Firstly, the ageing of the video.

We had a client recently who had to reshoot and re-edit their video 8 months later because the “star of the video” had since left the organisation.

Secondly, it’s not a great career move to set your boss up for possible failure.

filming corporate videoA camera lens can be a cold uninviting black hole to some. The hardest thing in the world is to look down the barrel of a camera and speak off the top of your head with poise, enthusiasm and clarity.

Only a handful can pull it off and unless you receive confirmation that the boss is a natural star or a proven performer in front of camera, we would be most reticent to ask them to perform on camera.

If it has not been established that the boss can perform on camera and they are still a required inclusion, a way of “softening the blow” is to interview the boss rather than having them present on camera.


How to get the desired message communicated

Desired results can be achieved with some well thought out questions designed to produce the answers you wish to communicate to the audience in the final product.

Video Production TipsThe key here is to get the interviewees to paraphrase your questions in their answers. For example, your question may be “What is the best thing about being employed by this company?” The boss’s answer should start with “The best thing about being employed ABC Doors is …….

This way, once your questions and voice are eliminated, their answers will make perfect sense to the viewer. The interviewer will naturally be off camera and by giving them plenty of smiles, nods and “warm fuzzies”, they will help improve the interviewee’s performance no end.

Just the fact that they will be answering questions instead of trying to deliver memorised words will surely enhance the final product. You’ll get a better video in the end and have a much happier boss in the bargain!

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