Video Production Trends for 2018

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Training & Induction Videos, Video Production Tips

We thought a great way to start 2018 with a bang was to share with you, a couple of the discoveries we made whilst producing training programs for some of Australia’s progressive organisations recently.

The challenge faced by many organisation when embarking on a video production of any kind, let alone a training program, is how to engage with the target audience.

Here’s 3 productions we worked on recently that ticked every box in this area. If you are thinking of sharpening up your induction process or producing an information video of any kind in the future, they may just spark a couple of ideas for you.

Trend One – Workmates Delivering the Message

Polar fresh, a frozen food logistics organisation requested an induction program completely presented by their workers.  Whilst the video lacked the “slickness” of professional presenters, it more than compensated with the sincerity of the spoken word and got a 10/10 for its engagement.

Having your future workmates stress to you how important they see safety in their workplace created a super powerful first impression!

Trend Two – Employee Engagement

Employee engagement was the number one focus with a series of videos we produced for Inghams Chickens last year where we actually interviewed family members of workers talking about what safety at work meant to them.

One viewer mentioned that he had been “watching safety videos for 25 years and NOTHING had ever got to him like that one”

Trend Three – A Fully Tailored Induction Program for a Fraction of the Price

This is a great one if your budget is a bit tight.  Melbourne Flower Market were moving location in 12 months but needed an induction program immediately.  To keep costs down, we wrote the script, developed a very detailed shot list which they followed sending a worker out with their iPhone and capturing all the required images.  We then moved through many of their photos in post production to give their video colour and movement.

A fully tailored induction video at a fraction of the price and one very happy customer!

So there you go, a few ideas that may help. If you have a few ideas you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you!