Quite often clients ask how video can be best used for the promotion and marketing of an their services and or products. In the past discussion would naturally revolve around the production of a corporate DVD or perhaps a television commercial. Nowadays, a typical project will also involve the production of video for online delivery.

Without a doubt, the popularity of video on the web in recent years has risen dramatically. It’s almost commonplace to find a video on a website somewhere that entertains, informs, instructs, promotes or even advocates a particular message. Web users are becoming accustomed to receiving information online via video. Take Youtube for example, their latest statistics reveal that 48 hours of video is uploaded to the site per minute, and they receive over 3 billion views per day. Mind-boggling!

The uses of video online can be varied and there can be huge upside to incorporating it into your online advertising or marketing campaigns. Here are some of the key benefits of using video on your website or other online platforms to showcase your business:

  1. A picture says 1000 words – Most of us are time poor and tend to be a bit lazy. A web video, can deliver your key messages quickly and efficiently. The initial seconds when a potential client visits your website are vital. Research shows that the majority of people do not look at more than one page on a website, but will watch a 1-2 minute video.
  2. Turbo Charge your Website – It has been proved that a well produced web video will increase the amount of time spent at your website. It will provide you with the opportunity to engage, and ensure your visitors receive the messages you wish to convey. Done well, it can project an image of crediblitiy, and become an effective way to increase enquiries and ultimately sales.
  3. Showcasing your company’s personality – Stand out in the crowd! Video does an excellent job of conveying emotion. Adding a human element to your landing page can even build that sense of trust that words and pictures alone simply cannot deliver.
  4. Search Engines – Recently Google changed the way it generates search results and now regards video as an extremely important tool for search engine optimization.
  5. Cost effective – Unlike TV advertising, a web video can play to your audience without you having to pay for it time after time. Having a promotional video go viral can lead to huge audience exposure at next to no cost.

Whether you choose to produce a web video yourself, or have one professionally produced for you, you must be mindful of the objective of your web video and your target audience.

Will it simply be an introduction to your organisation, products or services or simply to instruct visitors on where to find particular information on your website?

Will it be used as a promotional tool, such as a testimonial from a past client or part of a viral marketing campaign?

Either way, online video done well, will give your clients the opportunity to connect with your organisation and its products.