Dealing With Aggressive Behaviour in the Workplace

Difficult or aggressive behaviour in a workplace can increase stress, lower productivity, damage morale, and do great harm to your company’s image. There is a simple method however that can be used to defuse anger and aggression.

It is easily remembered by using the acronym “LASSIE”.

The L. stands for LISTENING actively to the person; in their fragile state they’ll sense immediately if you’re just going through the motions.

You should also ACKNOWLEDGE their situation, their problem or their point of view.


dealing with aggressive behaviour in workplace


The first S in LASSIE is to SEPARATE the person from others; this enables the aggressor to talk openly about their problem without disturbing other customers or people.

SITTING the aggressor down will help to ease the tension and take away a large element of confrontation.

Next you should INDICATE possible solutions  or options that are open to the aggravated client and then ENCOURAGE them to try one of these options.

When an upset customer or co-worker feels that they have had their complaint taken seriously and they have been handled professionally, they are far less likely to maintain their rage.

So if you are confronted with an aggressive and angry person in the workplace, remember LASSIE:





INDICATE a solution and

ENCOURAGE them to try a suggested option

Further information on this approach to handling aggressive behaviour in the workplace can be found on this 5 minute training program.