1. Do you guarantee your training videos? We realise that not all off-the-shelf videos suit every potential use. If you feel the video/DVD doesn’t suit your needs, we offer a full refund on programs returned within 5 working days and with the invoice unpaid.
  2. I can never seem to find the right training material. Can you help? Of course! Give us a call we’d be happy to assist in finding exactly what it is you’re after. We’re the custom video specialists too. So perhaps we could make you a special video for your own application?
  3. Can you include our logo and branding? Yes. For $150 we can edit the video/DVDs so that your logo appears at the beginning. We can also add special screens of text to introduce your training, at no extra charge.
  4. Some of the footage isn’t quite right. Can you edit it to suit us better?
    Yes. We design all of our videos so that, where possible, we can replace our footage with yours. We can also add or cut bits out. We can even modify the script and insert a custom voice to suit your specific requirements. Just ask!
  5. I want to upload one of your training video programs to our company intranet, is that possible?
    Yes. Instead of supplying the program on DVD, we would supply it as an electronic video file (eg. mp4, wmv, flash) with a licence, which would allow for easy upload to your company’s intranet or online training platform.
  6. Are there any additional costs associated with receiving the video as an electronic video file for online application?
    There is just the cost of the licence itself. These are available as either an ongoing annual licence or a “one-off” perpetual licence. The licence is calculated by the number of staff, trainees or students accessing the video content online.
  7. Once we’ve purchased the licence, can we modify the video ourselves?
    Once you’ve invested in an online licence, you have unrestricted use of the video file within your organisation, providing the number of viewers accessing the video content is within the agreement.
  8. How long will it take to receive our video/DVD order?
    Allow 2-4 working days to receive your order if there is no editing or customisation to be completed. But let us know if you need it urgently, we’ll bend over backwards to fit in with your training schedule if we can.
  9. Do you deliver your training DVDs to outside of Australia?
    Yes. Pricing will depend on the size of the order and the type of delivery. The Australia Post website contains information regarding international postage.