Accident Incident Near Miss Reporting

Duration: 4 Mins

A great part of an Office Safety Induction package or ideal for ongoing training. Available in video format or eLearning.

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This health and safety training video deals with Accident, Incident & Near Miss Reporting and is a valuable tool when inducting new office workers

By watching this training video, your office staff will learn:

  • A heightened awareness of accidents, incidents and near misses
  • How to watch out for them and
  • The various benefits derived from reporting accidents, incidents and near misses.

When searching for a safer, healthier office environment, workers should be encouraged to report all Incidents, hazards and near misses. In fact the WHS / OHS Act requires workers to do just that.

Many workers do not comprehend the importance of reporting near misses. However, a recent study has shown that there is a direct correlation between near miss risks and the occurrence of serious accidents causing injury or death in the workplace. It seems that for every serious or major injury, there are

  • 10 minor injuries
  • 30 incidents of property damage
  • 600 incidents that could have resulted in injury or property damage but didn’t

… what is commonly referred to as a near miss.

In other words, for every serious or major injury, this study suggests that there are over 600 signposts, 600 near misses that could have flagged that the incident was eventually going to occur.

Often these signposts are ignored for some or all of the reasons we have just mentioned or because at the end of the day, well no one got hurt and no damage occurred so why worry?

The impact of accident, incident, and near miss reporting

By reporting accidents, incidents and near misses workers will:

  • Make everyone aware of the problem
  • Allow management to investigate the problem and learn from the issue
  • Create the impetus to initiate immediate corrective action
  • Meet their legal obligation
  • Making the work place safer by improving work practices
  • And even possibly save themselves or a work colleague from injury or death

You can use this individually or as part of a workplace induction. This training video will certainly assist you to a healthier and safer workplace.

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