Accident Incident Reporting

Motivate your staff to report all accidents, incidents and near misses with this short, effective training video or eLearning program.

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Accident and Incident Reporting looks at the enormous benefits of “near miss reporting” and its impact on safety in the workplace.

This safety video features:

  • Description of a ‘near miss’ risk
  • Why ‘near miss’ risks should be reported
  • The importance of communication

By watching this training video, your workers will:

  • Be motivated to watch out for accidents, incidents and near misses
  • Feel a bigger part of your organisation’s health and safety initiative
  • Be more communicative in regards to health and safety

Incident / hazard reporting is an integral part of an effective risk management system as well as being a legislative requirement under the WHS Act.

A near miss is an event that does not cause injury, ill health or property damage but only because of chance or through timely intervention

A key role your workers can take on to make a huge impact on safety in your workplace is to try and identify possible hazards. Furthermore they can identify “near miss” risks and report them to their manager, supervisor, site contact person or WHS Representative.

Management and members of the safety team cannot be everywhere so it’s diligent workers who decide whether a safety management system is effective or not.

Why near misses are’t always reported

Occasionally, workers are reticent to report a near miss for a variety of reasons including:

  • They simply weren’t aware that they were supposed to report near misses.
  • There could be peer pressure from workmates not to report an incident
  • They don’t know how to go about reporting it.
  • There is sometimes a fear of a reprimand or some type of discipline for their involvement in the near miss.
  • They are new and don’t want to rock the boat.
  • There could be a work culture that says “suck it up, don’t make a fuss”
  • Others have downplayed or trivialised the incident
  • Or simply It’s just too hard or too much trouble filling out those forms

Short enough you can use in your next tool box meeting as well as being a great inclusion in your health and safety inductions.

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