Bullying and Harassment for Employees

Duration: 14 Mins

This training program offers practical and easy to follow instructions and coping skills for the victims and witnesses of bullying. It also offers some suggestions for the bullies themselves.

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Training on bullying and harassment for employees is important for any organisation. Everyone has the right to work in an environment free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and violence!
The incidence of workplace bullying and harassment is a significant problem in today’s workforce. It can impact on your organisation socially as well as economically.

Co-written by one of the leading Australian workplace psychologists this training video will dramatically explain to your staff:

  • What is and what isn’t bullying
  • How bullying impacts on the workplace as well as the victims and witnesses
  • How bullies usually like to operate
  • The potential consequences of bullying in the workplace

Graphic viewing for all concerned!

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