Computer Ergonomics

Duration: 4 Mins

If you have workers on keyboards at your workplace, eliminate repetitive strain and musculoskeletal injuries with this video or eLearning course.

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This computer ergonomics training video is a must for any organisation that employs people who work at a keyboard all day. Its common knowledge that the way workers sit at their desk will make an enormous difference to how they feel at the end of the day.

By watching this safety training video, your workers will learn about:

  • Health problems caused by poor ergonomics
  • Tips for long hours in front of computers
  • Simple stretching exercises

There are a multitude of factors that determine whether a sitting posture might lead to repetitive strain issues or not.

Things like:

  • The position of your head in relation to the screen
  • The manner in which you are sitting
  • Is the lower back supported?
  • The position of your arms and elbows
  • The height of your chair
  • The adjustment and age of your keyboard
  • Where your knees and feet are placed
  • Are your wrists bent?

Your workers will learn about the importance of taking a break now and then and will be exposed to a few gentle stretching exercises.

First of all, simple exercises that will alleviate neck strain, painful shoulders and upper back. Workers will learn about how they can energise their arms, relieve sore hands and the tension in their wrists. Also workers will learn that all stretching exercises are done gently with minimum stress.

Finally, we even give handy hints on how they can remind themselves to take a break now and then and do some exercises.

The impact of poor computer ergonomics

Long hours sitting in front of a computer can lead to gains in versatility and output, but it has the potential to do more harm to health than good if certain precautions aren’t taken.

You can stream or purchase outright this computer ergonomics training video. Furthermore, you can purchase it as an online self paced training program complete with questions.

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