Confined Space Safety

Duration: 5 Mins

Minimise the risks in your workplace with this short, succinct training program, available on video or eLearning.

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In this confined space safety training video, your workers will learn:

  • What is a confined space
  • The hazards associated with working in confined spaces
  • The importance of planning, and procedures to follow prior to confined space entry
  • Some general guidelines for safe confined space work

Working in a confined space presents a major health and safety risk for many employees. Many accidents have occurred because the dangers or working in a confined space are under-estimated or ignored.

Dangers or hazards associated with working in confined spaces

These include:

  • The pressure of by-products of previously stored materials or chemicals
  • Accidental leaks or spills which can contaminate the atmosphere of the space as well as add to slipping, tripping and falling hazards
  • Unexpected or continued operation of the plant, which leads to the worker being trapped or crushed by rotating or moving, parts
  • Suffocation by solids
  • Chemical reactions that could lead to explosion or a contaminated atmosphere
  • Extremes of temperature
  • Noise which may effect hearing but also prohibit or limit communication with those outside the confined space and
  • Manual handling injuries caused from working in cramped or awkward positions

We talk about the importance of being able to recognise hazards and planning appropriately in this confined space training video.

Your workers will be reminded that they must not enter a confined space without first obtaining the permission from their supervisor and completing a confined space entry permit. Only personnel who hold a current Confined Space Entry License are approved for entry.

They will be provided with a list of evaluations they must take of the confined space and surrounding area PRIOR to entry. Finally, any entry into a confined space for any purpose and length of time is potentially dangerous. As a result, your workers will require suitable safeguards.

Whether you invest in this training video for tool box reminders or as part of your induction program or both, you will have a great health and safety tool for years to come.

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