Manual Handling 2008

Duration: 16 Mins

A practical and easy to follow presentation on safe manual handling. Available as video or eLearning.

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In this manual handling video, trainees will be taken through a range of tips, procedures and preventions for making the task they perform safer.

Most jobs involve some type of manual handling. Therefore, essentially all workers are at risk no matter how minimal they believe their work to be.

Features a shock introduction to grab the audience’s attention. Also highlights the debilitating effect of manual handling related injury and illness on the individual, as well as the financial impact on the workplace.

By completing this training program, your staff will learn:

  • What is manual handling?
  • Structure of the back
  • Types of injuries related to poor manual handling
  • Risk assessment
  • Correct lifting techniques and the importance of mechanical aids

Includes a Powerpoint Presentation to de-brief the video content for a complete training session.

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