Mental Health and Wellbeing

13 Titles in the series

This 13 part training program will arm your people with a myriad of ideas and techniques with how best to deal with mental health and wellbeing.

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Mental health and wellbeing is perhaps the most significant health and safety issue in the workplace today. Produced in 2020, this 13 part series is a comprehensive guide to dealing with this very topic.

The first eight modules provides effective tips for managing mental health and wellbeing for the manager or supervisor. The final five modules detail how workers can assist in maintaining a psychologically healthy workplace. Furthermore, it also details how to manage their own mental health.

This 13 part mental health and wellbeing training program will arm your people with a myriad of ideas. In addition, they will learn skills on how best to deal with mental health and wellbeing.

Aim of this series:


In December 2016, the National Mental Health Commission stated that the cost of mental ill-health in Australia each year was around $4,000 per person, or $60 billion in total.

Statistics also show that one in five Australian workers will suffer some form of anxiety this year.

It’s a well known fact that when workers are not feeling the best, they can’t work at their best. So maintaining a positive approach to psychological health and safety, it just makes good business sense

An essential ingredient to creating and maintaining a mentally healthy and well-being workplace is the focus of all workers to care for each other and the skills of management to make this happen.

This training program sets out easy to follow guidelines for managers to create a mentally healthy work environment and a culture where their team are effectively identifying and helping to manage psychosocial hazards in the workplace.

It also details several coping skills for workers when faced with change or stressful situations.

It achieves this by focusing on three main areas:

  • Promoting positive mental well-being
  • Protecting workers from mental injury and illness and
  • Addressing mental injury and illness

Whatever the type of workplace you are employed by, mental health will be an issue your workplace will be faced with not just this year but years to come.